Television At The Cottage

Do you have a television at your camp or cottage? I know many folks do, but I also know quite a few who wouldn’t dream of having a TV in their camp, complaining that they go to the cottage to get away from it all and get outdoors.

We have a television at our little place in the country. It was a 12 inch color TV with a 1970’s vintage but last summer it bit the dust and ended up on the cottage scrap heap waiting for a trip to the landfill. In it’s place I dragged out an old black and white television that was stuck in the spare bedroom for years and years…it is old..really old…it would probably sell as a collector piece on Ebay. I think you can still get The Ed Sullivan Show on it….

What was immediately amazing was how my children, who are not children anymore, but teenagers, were taken aback by the lack of color, thinking something must be wrong with it. My wife wasn’t much better, complaining about the lack of a color picture. Like she isn’t old enough to remember black and white television….

Of course, I tried to convince them all that it was a vintage piece, something everyone wants for their cottage but so few can have….they didn’t buy it…

I could argue that watching television at the cottage is almost criminal. The cottage is the place for outside activities, like swimming and boating, fishing and gardening. But if you have ever been on a week’s vacation with a two or three kids, (I’m never sure how many we have) and a wife, and it starts to rain everyday, you are going to wish for a television, any television.

I can keep busy in the garage, or just laying on the couch, napping away a rainy day, but not the rest of the gang. They get “bored”….or something….when they were younger we used to take the VCR to the cottage and rent some movies which was a wonderful thing especially one week in July where it rained every day…every single day….Now with the black and white TV there’s no place to hook the VCR up…not that they would watch a black and white movie anyway….

Of course, the option is always there to go home, but confirmed cottager that I am, I like the place rain or shine. It’s almost like a marriage for me, for better or for worse….

Well, I gotta go, I think I might take a drive over to the department store and see if they have any television’s on sale….

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