Repairing Missing Roof Shingles

It’s that time of year again cottage folks, Spring has sprung and we’re all getting ready to get to the camp or cottage, I know I am…can’t wait. It’s also the time of year when you find out all that has happened to your little oasis in cottage country, your home away from home, your wilderness palace…camp, cottage, whatever…

One of the things that invariably happens around our summer cottage is the case of the missing roof shingles.

No matter what kind of winter we have, I always look up on the roof and see a shingle or two missing, or, I find one on the ground, and wonder where it came from…oh yeah…the roof….

Usually it’s the north corner of our cottage roof that gets it the worst and that’s usually where the odd shingle goes missing. So it’s out with the ladder, hammer and nails and of course the cottager’s friend, black tar or roofing cement. Now first of all let me tell you this much…I hate, absolutely hate climbing up on the roof…and it isn’t even all that high, maybe 16 or 17 feet, and it’s not even that steep but I hate it…there, that said, I have to overcome my fear of heights to fix the shingle because try as I might, I cannot get the wife to climb up there…..

Usually it’s a matter of finding the old shingle and sticking it back in place, under the shingle above it and so on, nail it down and tar it and I’m done. Never really looks right afterwards, but it’s on and it doesn’t leak, usually. I made the mistake a few years ago of buying a bundle of shingles and putting them in the garage. Unfortunately they are a little darker than the rest of the roof, so from the lake our roof looks like a patchwork of black and grey.

I came across this excellent site that explains how to repair and replace a roof shingle among other things, and figured we all can benefit from a little refresher, especially considering we are only a weekend or two away from getting out the ladder.

Here is the site, it’s HammerZone and this link will take you right to the roof repair page. They have pictures and instructions to make even the worst handyman knowledgeable about the repair job.

By the way, be sure and read the “Tips On Not Dying” section at the bottom of the post BEFORE you read the actual part about repairing the shingle. I want you alive to enjoy your cottage and The Cottage Chronicles for years to come!!

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