Ice Out

It’s coming to that time of year again, and none to soon I might add, Spring is just around the corner. Oh sure, it’s still winter, but we are on the downhill side now, and on our way to Spring, glorious Spring.

It’s also time for the annual “pick the date the ice goes” contest which we hold amongst the family just about now. I am picking April 9th just because I am…and I have an inside track with these things, I have been writing down the annual ice out dates for some time now. On our lake it’s usually around the middle of April, although lately it has been a little earlier.

Ice out is kind of a misnomer in a sense, because it really doesn’t go anywhere, it melts and apparently sinks to some extent so I have been told but I don’t know that I believe it.

In past years my Dad and I hung around the cottage on the first day of fishing season waiting for the ice to ‘go out’ and sometimes it has, right before our eyes. Usually, what actually happens is the soft ice breaks up and big sheets of it get blown to the opposite shore where they eventually melt or break up as the wind and waves blow it against the shoreline. On several of these occasions when I was younger and my Dad was younger, we were right behind it in the boat, almost pushing it away from our shore so we could start fishing.

Oddly enough, never caught a fish on the first day the lake opened, but I always want to be there for it. Still do, it’s a bit of an event, especially to the folks who fish and those who have been locked out of their cottages because the ice was too soft to walk on, and too strong to break through, leaving their boat access cottages to sit empty. I’m sure to those folks, ice out day is the best day of the year!

So, it’s March 19th, and according to my predictions, I have less than a month to go, it’s time to get the fishing gear out and look it over, replace the line on my reel and buy some new fishing hooks and lures.

Speaking of fishing gear, isn’t this a beautiful reel? I just might have to get one of these myself, I feel like a new reel is in order this year. Shimano, very similar to the one I have now, but this one is new and shiny and I bet it casts really far…

Shimano – Stradic 2500FH Spinning Reel – 140 Yards/8lb. Test Line

Of course the old Evinrude outboard motor needs a little check over, maybe some new spark plugs and a grease job to make sure it is going to start on opening day….I say I am going to do that, but in all likelyhood I will end up finding out if it will start the day I clamp it onto the stern of the aluminum boat and shove off the shore…..

C’mon ice, if you want to melt before April 9th, it’s OK with me….

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