Cottages – Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Today is a day for the cottage. Spring is finally here and the weather is showing signs of it. Sunny and bright, and mild temperatures. Unfortunately I cannot get there today which makes it worse.

as the saying goes. I find that true with the camp. When work or family, the weather or whatever keeps me from getting there, I only want to go more.

I know that the lake is still full of ice, I’ve been talking to some of the year round residents, so it’s too soon for the boat. I know that the ground in the garden is still too frozen to run the garden tiller through it yet, and I know that the chance of cold or heavy frost still exists, so it’s a little too soon to hook up the water supply. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to do all those things. I also know that going down there today would burn up vehicle fuel, and ultimately cut into the dwindling firewood supply as we would have to have the woodstove going full blast and I have to admit, I have been a little lax in the woodcutting business lately but alas my chainsaw needs a good sharpening…

Just thinking about that stuff makes me long for the little place all the more. I suppose I could go down and cut a little firewood. We still have some old trees that need to come down as they are past their time and are becoming a worry during windy weather. I also have a couple of plumbing repairs that need doing before the water gets hooked up again, so that’s something else I could do.

The shutters and boards we use to close up the veranda can come off now, so I could do that as well, and I have to build a new float for the wharf. The garage is a mess, as usual, it could stand a clean up too…and the cottage itself needs a good cleaning and vacumming….and the windows will definitely need a scrubbing….

But ya know, that couch behind me looks very inviting, the dog is already there, waiting for me to have a little snooze. Perhaps today might be better spent in quiet contemplation of the things that need doing at the cottage…a person has to have a plan…..

Yeah, absence does make that heart grow fonder, if I stay away this weekend, I’ll want to go even more next weekend….

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