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Tonight, I have a question? Where do you get your cottage drinking water? Do you haul water from home, or buy bottled water? Or do you drink from the lake or stream or perhaps you have a well?

More and more this seems to be a bit of an issue, where to get good water, safe for drinking. I used to drink from the lake regularly, and think nothing about it.

Our lake is 12 miles long, deep and wide in places and compared to some lakes, relatively undeveloped. So I used to drink the water with ease, figuring it was too big to be contaminated.

However, these days I consider it carefully before grabbing a drink from the lake. More people, more boats, and more septic systems from cottages that may or may not be working the way they should give me pause to wonder. On top of that, there is all the hype about water supplies not always being safe to drink.

So now we haul it from the general store, who haven’t figured out a way to charge for water yet, instead they have a tap outside that cottagers can use to fill up their bottles and jugs and many do. The water is said to come from a drilled well and is purported to be clean and safe….I guess…there is no sign saying that and to my knowledge, the water isn’t inspected by government officials, although I figure, or at least hope that the store owners have it tested occasionally. That is assuming they care. For all I really know the water might be coming from a long underground hose that goes to the lake….

However, this water is used by all, and many even take some back to the city with them on Sunday night figuring it is better than the fluoride enhanced water provided by the City Water Supply. Lot’s of them claim it is the best water they ever drank…I dunno…water is water to me, and if you are a water purist, or afficenado, you realize like me, that water should have no taste, so how can someone say it “tastes good”??

I suppose it does, compared to the water we get from the tap, which has additives and therefore some taste. I guess….do you get the idea that I am not to sure about this whole water thing?

So, long story short, where do you get your cottage drinking water?

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