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Hi Cottagers.
Following my post about the pleasures of an aluminum boat around the cottage, I had comment on that post from someone pointing me to a website for an aluminum boat company called Duroboat

I explored the link and the website and even though it is a commercial site, they have lots of aluminum boat information, a lot of it about their boats, but much of the info is general and quite interesting.

And then there are the pictures, they have some fantastic pictures of their boats in action, as well as pictures of Duroboats sent to them from owners. These are a great chance to see how a simple aluminum boat can be very useful, and also how they can be modified to suit the needs of the owner.

In addition to their boat specs, pictures and boating information, they also have a blog! So I guess that lets them qualify for a link from The Cottage Chronicles.

If you are interested in aluminum boats, check out the folks at Duroboat I do want to clarify that Cottage Chronicles is in no way associated with Duroboats, and I was not paid to promote their boats. I just liked their website and thought you might too.

While I am on the aluminum boat kick, here is another link that I keep in my favorites and look at occasionally. This is an aluminum boat modified for fishing, bass fishing I believe, it’s a pretty neat job and again gives you some ideas that you might want to try on your boat. You can have a look at this one over at Bass Boat Conversion

Of course, now that I got started, I can’t stop, here is the link to Princecraft Boats, also known as Springbok, these are nice boats from a Canadian Manufacturer that has been around for a long time. I’ve owned two Princecraft boats and loved both of them. Here is the Princecraft Link

Here is a nice little HUMMINBIRD FISHFINDER 525no serious or not so serious fisherman should be without. Not only will it help you find fish, you’ll know the water depth and even see underwater structure. It wasn’t until I got a Hummingbird that I really started to know what was in my cottage lake.


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One thought on “Aluminum Boat Links”

  1. Thanks from Duroboat.

    We saw that you have linked our site. We appreciate the nice words. You seem to get that we are trying to offer up a service that goes beyond just “Buy our boats”. We have a similar policy as yourselves about links. We don’t link based on being paid but we link to things we believe our boat owners will be interested in. If you read our feeble first couple of blog attempts you know that we are interested in lakes and cottages. Your site fits right in with our interest so unless you tell me not to we will go ahead and provide a link to Cottage Chronicles. We have customers in many parts of the world. many of them have summer homes, lake homes and cottages and they will be interested in your site.

    If you ever want more info on aluminum boats and I can help you in any way just contact us through our website. If you would like to see one of our boats running on the Nile River go to Google Video and search for duroboat.

    We will follow your site for tips on cottage life. Thanks again,