Cottage Neighbors

Love them or hate them, your cottage neighbors can have an impact on your quality of life at your favorite getaway. There is something about cottages that makes neighbors…well…sometimes more neighborly….

For example, it’s safe to say I know much more about my cottage neighbors lives and families, and even personalities than I know about my home neighbors. Somehow the same folks who, in the city, aren’t necessarily all that friendly, become gregarious, friendly folks when they get to the cottage.

I’m not sure why, but I am going to take a couple of guesses. Number one, cottage folks are often in for the long haul, therefore, over the years you develop a kinship with your neighbors and their families that can last generations. That seldom happens in cities and towns where houses are sold and people move much more frequently.

Secondly, cottage country is more relaxing, less haste, more time to stop and smell the roses, or your neighbors…and we are all more receptive to taking a few minutes to talk to the ‘guy next door.’ ( or girl next door)

Cottage communities, although often spread out a bit and separated by some trees and even water, are somewhat smaller, and people get to know one another easier, whether it is at the store, or raking the gravel on the shared driveway. This gives us all a chance to chat, be friendly and find out what the neighbor is up to…er…I mean what he is doing at his place.

I’ve also found that cottagers tend to enjoy helping each other, another attribute that doesn’t seem as prevalent in the city. For example, around our place, it’s not unusual for neighbors to help each other put their wharves in the water come spring, or dig up the old septic tank. (By the way, for a humorous story about neighbors digging up septic tanks, dig here)

Independent, self sufficient breed that most of us cottagers are, we are also not adverse to a hand when it comes to swinging a pick or shovel…or whatever it is you do with a shovel…

Country dwellers, particularly cottage country dwellers are often in need of something, such as a spare spark plug, or belt for the water pump, or maybe just some old boards to patch the wharf. That’s where neighbors come in, especially well stocked neighbors….I am very fortunate to be a couple of cottages away from the guy who has everything, in fact, a trip to his place is better than a trip to the hardware store. He’s saved me a fortune in time and energy running to the store for stuff and in turn I help him…well…actually that is the other great thing about this fellow, he is one of the “independent, self-sufficient breed” that I spoke of earlier….he doesn’t need much help or supplies…gotta love a neighbor like that…

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One thought on “Cottage Neighbors”

  1. We also have a well stocked neighbour down the lane from our cottage. His name is Stu. He has everything – you need it he’s got it. All the cottagers on the lane call him our very own Canadian Tire in the middle of no-where. You’re just one call away from “Stu to the Rescue”! He’ll even go as far as crawling under the cottage with you to help fix that broken pipe that busted over the winter.

    Those kind of folks are Cottage Heroes.

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