Brown Bats at the Cottage

So what do you think about bats? If you are like me, you’re not all that crazy about the little critters. They are all right at a distance, but the last place you want them is in your camp or cottage.

I always recall my father telling me about them in a little fishing camp he and his uncles used to use, back in the sixties. They would be sitting at the table at night playing cards and bats would be fluttering around their heads….oh-oh…not for me….eventually they plugged the chimney of the old log cabin, lit a fire in the stove and smoked them out…he told me they came out from the eaves by the dozens…of course they probably went back afterwards anyway but it gave Dad and his buddies some comfort for at least one weekend….

Bats apparently do a lot of good. I say apparently, because scientists and environmentalists say they eat flies, which of course is a good thing. However, I don’t think they eat enough of them because there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of flies or bats around our cottage.

I believe the variety we have here on the east coast of Canada are called Brown Bats. I assume they are brown….normally I don’t like looking at them, all that much. We have been fortunate over the years to only have a couple get inside, one we caught in a dipnet, which was no small feat, and another time we went home, left him inside and he drowned in the toilet….that is why I leave the seat up girls….

The latest environmental thing to do is build your bats a bat house, which will hopefully keep them away from your cottage, happily ensconced during the daylight hours in their own little house high in a tree, preferably not too close to the cottage. I haven’t gotten around to building a bat house yet, and don’t know that I am going to, but I think about it once and awhile. I always think, what if they don’t like the house I build them and decide they prefer my cottage instead? So I resist building a bat house and encouraging the little fellows.

Bat houses are essentially flat structures open at the bottom, quite simple in design, that allow the bats to enter and exit from the bottom, meanwhile spending their days hanging upside down in the darkness afforded by the box. I’m sure if you google it you will find a plan for building a bat house somewhere on the internet,infact I found one for ya, HERE

Of course there is no truth to the rumors that bats get in your hair or drink blood, but I guess their is some chance that they can spread rabies among animals. Recently I read where on species of bat, a fairly big one, are eating songbirds flying over the Mediterranean…uh-oh…I thought they just ate mosquitos and other bugs…However, that is only one type of bat that they know of, and it’s a pretty big one, the bats around here aren’t nearly as big…but they are ugly…that’s my opinion, now I am sure some bat lovers would disagree with me, but have you ever seen one of them up close…ugh…ugly…especially if it’s tangled in your hair, sucking your blood…..

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2 thoughts on “Brown Bats at the Cottage”

  1. Just had a bat in the cottage overnight. The thing woke us up flying around our bedroom. Good thing nobody could see us as we must have looked very silly ducking under the blankets each time the thing flew over! Finally knocked it out of the air with my jeans… Not sure how it got in or how long it was in there as we don't get up to the cottage much in the winter. By the way I agree they are ugly.

  2. Brian, not to scare ya, but if you had one inside, chances are there might be more. In winter they kind of hibernate, probably the heat of the cottage woke him up. Let's hope he was just a loner.

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