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Tubbs Snowshoes

Tubbs Snowshoes
With winter around the corner, now is the time to outfit yourself with a pair of snowshoes. Here’s a short review on our experiences with Tubbs Snowshoes


Canada Geese and Beavers

Five canada geese and two beavers dropped by to visit us at the cottage this morning. Like our prime minister, they were more than willing to pose for some pictures!
Canada Geese and Beaver Visit

Adirondack Chairs

Nothing says cottage like a few adirondack chairs and we have loads of information about adirondack chairs. You can find out more about our adirondack chairs here Adirondack Chairs And as a bonus, you can learn all you will ever need to know about adirondack chairs here: Adirondack Chair History and Information

Outhouse Salt & Pepper Shakers

Great little addition to the cottage dinner table, out house salt and pepper shakers !!

Giant Floating Island

giant inflatable floating pool 1
What could be more fun than an endless summer day floating on your cottage lake on a giant floating island !! Yup, find out how here:
Giant Inflatable Floating Island

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All About Loons

picture of a loon
Astound your friends at the next campfire with your loon knowledge All About Loons

One Burner Camp Stove

A one burner camp stove has it’s uses, find out about them here:
Coleman Perfect 1 Burner Stove

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